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Isabelle Laporte welcomes you in Buis-les-Baronnies (24, Grand Rue), for a moment of relaxation with several massages: traditional massage or plantar and palmar reflexology. She adapts the care to your needs. Reservation requested.


t is the ideal place to take a break, to recharge your batteries, to take care of yourself, to slip into a gentle bubble.

The session is personalised and adapted to the needs and desires of each person through specific techniques. You can choose between :

- Foot or palm reflexology is practiced on a relaxing chair. This multi-millennial technique alternates between foot or hand massage and digipressions. The foot has 7200 nerve endings and, like the hand, is a mirror of the body in miniature. Each stimulated area corresponds to a part of the body that achieves intense relaxation and is recharged with new energy. The benefits are numerous: relaxation of muscular and joint tensions, improvement of sleep, blood and lymphatic circulation, balancing of the endocrine system, relief of pain, fatigue, stress, detoxification of the body and stimulation of natural emunctories.

- Wellness massage (Californian, Swedish, energetic) is performed on a table with vegetable oils. The sequence of fluid, gentle, enveloping or deep movements relieves various tensions, soothes and harmonises the body and mind. It promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and helps to drain toxins. It softens and nourishes the skin. Pregnant women from 4 months of pregnancy.
- Ayurvedic massage, with hot oil, is practiced on the floor on a futon mat.
Its virtues are relaxing and balancing. Your whole body is recharged
with new energy.
- Cranial and facial massage for deep relaxation.
- The seated massage on an ergonomic chair, quick in 30 minutes and allowing an excellent relaxation of the back, shoulders, arms and skull.

- The "DUO" massage for couples or friends and the "4 hands" massage for more
4 hands" massage for more comfort.

- Korean relaxation is practiced on the floor on a futon mat. The gestures
The stretching, rotating, gentle vibrations and rocking movements start from the feet and go up to the head, inducing a vibratory wave. This wave travels through the whole body and causes a deep relaxation of muscles and joints. Thus stimulated, the body is freed from tension and blocked emotions, the mind is calmed. Ideal to relax after a stressful day or after a sport effort. Bring comfortable clothes.

Possibility of home care, please contact me.
By appointment from Monday to Saturday. 9am to 7pm all year round.

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All year round.


Rates from €30, for more information contact me.

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  • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance