L’essence du corps

Chinese bioenergy - Buqi ® system - this manual method based on energy transfer and internal movements, generate wellness, release, regeneration and body realignment.


Do you feel stressed ? Do you lack energy ? Do you want to take care of yourself ? Do you feel tired ? Do you need to recover after an intense effort ? Do you suffer from back pain ?

What if you tried a different approach ? The one I propose is the result of millenia of practice and more than 20 years of learning.

Its goal ? Regeneration, physical and mental fluids renewal, regain of energy and serenity.

How ? By unblocking and balancing your life energy, which orientals call Qi.

In Asia, releasing and developing this force of harmonisation and wellbeing is the key to maintaining health and restoring balance. I propose to share this ancient wisdom through 3 holistic techniques :

- the Buqi: through the transfer of energy and bioenergetic information, this discipline - born from internal martial arts - accompanies all my practices. My mentor, Dr. Shen Hongxun, was the founder and initiator in France and around the world.

- Tuina (or Amno) massage: whether in a quick session (30 minutes) practiced sitting down, or in a long session (1h15), on a stool and on a table, this approach combines the Tuina touch with the Buqi bioenergetic approach.

- Taïjiwuxigong: practice of simple internal body exercises accessible to all (in workshops). This discipline allows each person to be the artisan of his or her well-being and fulfillment under the control of Buqi know-how.

In addition, the use of a Bol d'Air Jacquier, a French system of natural oxygenation, reinforces the general metabolism of vital functions and potentiates the gait.

At your home, in company, sports club, gîte. Rates from €40, depending on services and distance.

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French


  • Fitness
  • Well-being
  • Soft gym


1h30 : €60

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