Bring home some Baronnies souvenirs !

Gourmet products, sweet or sour, wines, scents and cosmetics and other pleasures … Discover the emblematic products of our territory and bring home one or more unforgettable memories of Baronnies Provençales! Blue lavender lovers? Let yourself be tempted by aromatic essential oils, lavandin flower sachets or handmade soap from Provence (Distillerie Bleu Provence, Aroma Plantes, […]

The harvest is gone!

A period launched by the harvest ban The traditional grape harvest fair takes place in late summer. This event celebrate the beginning of harvest. The « grapes brotherhood commander », dressed with a traditional suit, drinks the first grape juice and all the guests are invited to taste producers wines. In the past, this event was the […]

To know more about lavender…

Lavender is a medicinal plant. It was the Romans who made it a perfume for bathing and laundry. It is only in the Middle Ages that one sees appearing the term lavender of the Latin "lavare" which means to wash; it has long been believed that bad smells spread diseases.

It’s Alicoque time!

The Alicoque festival is a must in Nyons. It highlights olive oil and olives. It takes place every 1st weekend of February. It celebrates the first “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)” of the olive world. It is Sunday, on the place of Dr. Bourdongle, after the opening of the “Alicoque” by the Grand Master of the […]

Christmas is coming soon !

Christmas is a family and festive period in Drôme Provençale. It’s time for large meals, Christmas tree and crib. Nothing better than to meet up with family or friends, in the evening, by the fireplace for moments of sharing with chocolate and hot drinks. But Christmas requires specific preparations. Let’s start with the choice of […]

The « Tanche », black pearl of Baronnies

Once upon a time… The olive tree, symbol of sun, cicadas and a tasty cuisine. Provence has been implanted in the “Nyonsais” (Nyons area) and the Baronnies landscapes for more than 2000 years. It owes its history to the Romans who initiated the peoples of the empire to its culture. It is in the Nyons […]

It’s time for truffles

The truffle, the famous “rabasse” (in Provençal) is found from mid-november to mid-march, especially every Saturday morning on the truffle market of Richerenches, the largest in Europe. An unbelievable fragrance escapes from the burlap bags. We can say that the harvest is good, the summer rains brought just enough water for this black diamond of […]

The Richerenches truffle market

Starting November 17th, the black truffle season (Tuber Melanosporum) will be launched. It’s the round of applause of Truffles that takes place in Richerenches on Saturday morning from 10am in the morning! We are talking here about the “Tuber Melanosporum”, and it is in Richerenches that it has earned a great reputation. It is its […]

If we were going to walk in the cemetery

At the beginning of autumn, we propose you an unusual tour, to discover our treasures from beyond the grave. In the Baronnies, you might find unusual cemeteries. A favorite place for family activities on sundays in the 19th century. Today, cemeteries still keep their poetic appearances where art and history live together. It is true […]

Squash Fair in Montbrun-les-Bains

The Tourist Office of Montbrun-les Bains organizes for the fourth year, the event “Courges, Potirons et Cie” on Sunday, October 21, 2018 as part of the festival Ventoux Saveur. This day under the sign of the flavors of autumn will offer the public several animations: soups competition, treasure hunt, creative mini squash workshops … but […]

Distilleries are working !

At the heart of the Drôme Provençale, the aromatic and medicinal plants grow thanks to the sunshine in a dry and warm atmosphere. Through the seasons, our producers pick, harvest, select and distil these plants. A wellness and gourmet moment to awaken your senses! The Types of lavender in our area Sea lavender Elle est […]

Traditional or mechanical harvest ?

Two techniques for havesting Traditional manual harvesting The manual harvest is THE traditional method to harvest the grapes. Motivated and fit pickers will use pruners to cut clusters and use seals to transport the fruit. This method gives a very positive image of the production and quality of the wine despite being long and exhausting. […]

Architectural Heritage of Nyons

Symbol of the city of Nyons for generations, the Randonne Tower was built around 1280, by the Baroness de Montauban, for a defensive purpose, on a rock dominating Nyons. This building of medieval architecture served both as a dungeon and a prison for the military. It was in the nineteenth century, thanks to many donations, […]

Halloween is here !

It’s Halloween in the Baronnies! This celebration finds its pagan origins in the Celtic festival of Samain (kind of new year) coming from Ireland. Its name is a contraction of the English “All Hallows-Even” which means in contemporary English “The eve of All Hallow’Day”, which can be translated as “the day before all the saints” […]

House of Vultures

To discover more about the vultures, we invite you to visit “The House of Vultures” (free entry) where an exhibition and a film will allow you to enter the intimacy of the life of these birds. Discover the Vultures of the Baronnies You can also take part into some field trips organized by the “ornithologists” […]

The Lime Tree in the Baronnies

Le Tilleul est un arbre emblématique des Baronnies et de la Drôme provençale au même titre que l'olivier, la lavande ou les plantes aromatiques.

Pass Provence

The Provence Pass is many advantages to discover the tourist sites of Drôme Provençale and Haut Vaucluse: gifts, discounts, free admission … The Provence Pass is valid for an adult and all accompanying persons. Do not hesitate to ask in all the Tourist Offices of the Drôme Provençale and Haut Vaucluse, including the Baronnies of […]