The harvest is gone!

A period launched by the harvest ban The traditional grape harvest fair takes place in late summer. This event celebrate the beginning of harvest. The « grapes brotherhood commander », dressed with a traditional suit, drinks the first grape juice and all the guests are invited to taste producers wines. In the past, this event was the […]

Traditional or mechanical harvest ?

Two techniques for havesting Traditional manual harvesting The manual harvest is THE traditional method to harvest the grapes. Motivated and fit pickers will use pruners to cut clusters and use seals to transport the fruit. This method gives a very positive image of the production and quality of the wine despite being long and exhausting. […]

Architectural Heritage of Nyons

Symbol of the city of Nyons for generations, the Tour Randonne was built around 1280, by the Montauban Baroness, for a defensive purpose, on a rock dominating Nyons. This medieval building served both as a dungeon and a prison for the military. It was in the nineteenth century, thanks to numerous donations, that a Francou […]

Halloween is here !

It’s Halloween in the Baronnies! Tremble poor mortals, it’s time to take out the pumpkins and get rid of your cobwebs because soon it will be Halloween! Yes, even in our Baronnies Provençales we are not safe from crossing a masco or a masc (witch and wizard in Provençal) or a black cat, at the […]

The Maison des vautours

We invite you to visit the House of Vultures, open all year and free access. You will discover an educational exhibition, a real size sculpture and an Italian film in our beautiful region. See Vultures You can also take part in field trips organized by the “ornithologists” of the association “Vautours en Baronnies” (discovery of […]

Pass Provence

The Provence Pass is many advantages to discover the tourist sites of Drôme Provençale and Haut Vaucluse: gifts, discounts, free admission … The Provence Pass is valid for an adult and all accompanying persons. Do not hesitate to ask in all the Tourist Offices of the Drôme Provençale and Haut Vaucluse, including the Baronnies of […]

More about Lavander

Lavender is a medicinal plant. It was the Romans who made it a perfume for bathing and laundry. It is only in the Middle Ages that one sees appearing the term lavender of the Latin "lavare" which means to wash; it has long been believed that bad smells spread diseases.