Village de Piégon

Between Vaison-la-Romaine and Nyons, on the border which used to separate the Dauphiné and the comtat Venaissin, Piégon is a charming provençal village.
The majority of the area is situated between 250 and 350 meters of altitude.


There is nothing much left of the old village (located up hill)... We can imagine the 40 houses which were settled here during the 19th century. However, even if the Church has falled down, you can still see today the square steeple. On its well preserved covered porch you can see the date of a renovation, "1782".
Below, one of the most beautiful roman provençale Chapels of the region, adjoining the cemetery, Notre-Dame de Cadenet.

A must see:
- La Belle Vendangeuse: tremendous sculpture of J.P Echenberger, the bust of a woman sculpted in a safre hill.
- The Notre-Dame of Cadenet Chapel and its millenary cade tree.


  • Historic patrimony
  • Town / Village


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