Our quality policy

The Tourist Office of Baronnies in Drôme Provençale is certified NF Service since May 19, 2014.

Quality policy of the Baronnies Tourist Office in Drôme Provençale

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The territory of the Baronnies in Drôme Provençale is widely recognized for its environmental qualities, its exceptional terroirs, its aromatic plants, its remarkable landscapes and its art of living. The Tourist Office had to be at the height of the destination, so it chose to place quality at the heart of its concerns and at the center of its strategy.

Registered for many years in a quality approach to enable a steady increase in services and products offered, the tourist office then naturally directed to obtain a national certification.

Always working to the satisfaction of all its customers and partners, but also to the enhancement and development of its territory, the team of the Tourist Office has set 3 priorities and now clearly shows its commitments quality. Through this approach, it hopes to create a positive dynamic for the entire territory and its stakeholders.

Our objectives Quality:

  • Quality human relations. Satisfying a customer is above all listening, understanding, informing, advising
  • Effective and serene working conditions by improving the organization and internal communication of our services, we allow each member of our team to express their professionalism and dynamism.
  • Adapted tools, concerned about our environment
  • Controlled management of our own tools and awareness campaigns with our partners and visitors

5 Quality commitments to our visitors:

  • Provide access to information for all, all the time
  • Offer everyone clear, precise, up-to-date information
  • Inform the visitor as closely as possible to his desires and his needs
  • Help him organize and book his stay and activities
  • Lui donner la parole pour qu’il contribue à l’amélioration continue de nos services

3 Quality commitments to our partners:

  • Offer each partner the tools to inform his client
  • Structuring, qualifying, promoting and selling the tourist offer of the territory
  • Etre force de proposition et favoriser l’innovation sur le territoire

3 quality commitments towards our elected representatives:

  • Monitor the reputation of the territory and work to increase it
  • Contribute to the dynamism of the economic activity of the territory
  • Ensure sound and efficient management of the structure



Direction :
Lucie Vautrelle