Located in Provence, between the Alps and the Mont Ventoux, you can find the massif of the Baronnies Provençales, a natural setting that offers a mild climate and remarkable landscapes… While walking through the park, let yourself be guided by your senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing…

Another life takes place here: The regional nature park of the Baronnies Provençales

Wellness, a way of life

Perfumed, aromatic and medicinal plants are part of the Baronnies Provançales’ identity. One need only take a walk to realise this. While wandering, it’s quite common to come across wild thyme, rosemary or even lavender fields.

These plants are an integral part of a preserved quality of life and represent an art of living: thermal baths and spas, aromatherapy, quality cosmetics are yours to discover!

A spotlight on “infusettes”

“Infusettes” are herbal teas of aromatic plants, produced and packaged in the Baronnies Provençales’ massif, in accordance with the specifications of organic agriculture.

A bag of “infusettes” means 28 tea bags : 4 linden tree, 4 lavender, 4 thyme, 4 rosemary, 4 fennel, 4 verbena and 4 lemon balm infusettes.

Available for sale in the “Relais du Parc” tourist offices and at accommodation providers.

A good opportunity to sample a little piece of the Baronnies provençales!



A land of delicacies by its nature

From North to South, and East to West, each valley has its own climate, its own produce and specialities. There are no less than 6 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (appellation) known as AOC/AOP , 7 Indications Géographiques Protégées (protected geographical indication) known as IGP and two more are in the pipeline.

The ambassadors of the local gastronomy are the wines, the olives and olive oil of nyons (the Tanche), linden trees, picodon (goat’s cheese), apricots, cherries, lamb, lavender, Provençal herbs…

Strolling through the park is venturing down the trail of authentic flavours.

Under the stars, our nights are even more beautiful

It’s pitch dark, now is the time to open your eyes wide. Far from the big cities, the night sky of the park invites contemplation and escape, thanks to its depth and sharpness. Indeed, its deep darkness is ideal for stargazing. Explore the park and you will find numerous natural observation and vantage points.

The curious visitor can discover astronomy in the middle of nature in an unspoilt environment with a telescope. The more adventurous can take advantage of the cool of the night to go for a walk under the stars, when the animals of the night are out. Bats, owls, insects… a whole range of wildlife to (re)discover! For more information : nuitsouslesetoiles.com

An escape to the great outdoors

Firstly, the cliffs offer an exceptional setting for climbing: more than 1,500 equipped routes for all levels, with internationally renowned sites.



In addition the Baronnies Provençales offer a wide variety of walks and hikes amongst lavender fields, orchards and marl and limestone scree. Walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers can venture out on the vast network of paths. The hilly terrain creates the variety and charm of the routes. Road cyclists can take advantage of the opportunity to train before taking on the Mont Ventoux, the Baronnies Provençale massif’s neighbour.

Finally, the Park’s mountains can also be discovered from the air: some of the best aerological conditions in France can be found here, which makes paragliders and hang-gliders very happy!

Download the tourist map of the Regional nature park of the Baronnies provençales