Spring and summer are sure to delight you with the rich colors and scents of Provence. Indeed, the Drôme agriculture is very diversified. The Drôme is the first French department producing apricots. It is the regional leader for the production of stone fruit, vegetables grown for the fruit (zucchini, melons, pumpkins, tomatoes), asparagus, garlic, onions, truffles … so treat your taste buds!

Drôme is a driving department for the development of organic farming. It is the first French bio department in number of producers and agricultural surfac

The apricot: the Orange of Provence

Famous variety of apricot, he finds here his terroir of excellence. Sun-ripened, ripened on the tree, these fruits reveal fragrances of rose and sugar and have a beautiful orange coloring. The harvest begins in the first days of July.

The spelled

True ancestor of the modern cereals, the first traces of the cultivation of the small spelled date from 9000 before JC Through the mention “Small Spelled of Haute-Provence”, the producers assure you the consumption of a local and authentic cereal, cultivated of traditional way. Nicknamed the “cereal caviar”, the small spelled is characterized by the quality of its proteins and its low level of gluten.

Truffle: I’m worth gold!

To find me they need the biggest flairs.

In the kitchen, the omelette turns into brouillade, the chef takes stars! In the cottages in the fall I’m waiting for, to put the dishes in the big. I am cultivated in the warm and deep lands of Drome Provencale, a beautiful country of which I am not a little proud. Under the oak one pampered me, one scrapes the ground, one cherishes me! “Truffle then! If I’m not very pretty, it’s because we wanted to put all my assets in my taste. A flavor that looks like my land and those people who love me. I’m not a mushroom like the others, and that’s why I’m called the “black diamond”.

The Tuber Melanosprum, seems to have found on our territory the special conditions to be born and develop naturally: a tree (preferably an oak), a sufficiently calcareous soil and finally a climate of the Mediterranean type. The harvest of the black truffle, or “digging”, is done during the winter season, usually with a dog trained for this purpose.