Children and Family Activities

On foot, by bike, in height … Family sport

In our region it is so good that outside we can do all sports!
Tree climbing, climbing, beautiful bike rides and many other outdoor activities for the youngest and the oldest. Fauna, flore..ciel .. discoveries every day

Discover the vultures, beavers and small animals that populate the Baronnies as you walk, or on excursions accompanied by specialists.
Enjoy the exceptional quality of the Baronnies night sky, to spend a family evening watching the stars …

Put your hand to the paw

There are also a lot of activities all well tied. Workshops to mix lavender and make soap,
Or how to make colors, cookies, pottery …

Baladez Bougez Curieux

Ideas for you too, in the Baladez Bougez Curieux


You are a family with a toodler ?

Enjoy a stroll around the cities with a pram with our maps of Nyons, Buis-les-Baronnies or Montbrun-les-bains